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National Guard wife blogging about her adventures with three sons and the unexpected joys of Smith-Magenis Syndrome (SMS)
....um, yes. They are tears of joy. Really.

Our Squad

Our Squad

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The Pizza Delivery

Our son Garrett, who was born with Smith-Magenis Syndrome, had just locked himself in the bathroom.  It was time for “The Garrett Show”.  The evening re-cap of the day’s festivities.
We have always assumed that he locks himself in the bathroom because the acoustics are the best in the house. 

The Garrett Show” sounds something like this: 

I rode on Heather’s school bus. Good Morning, Heather! 
Good morning, Buddy, how are you? 
I have bad, bad news. 
Oh, no Garrett!  What is it? 
My mom doesn’t have any bananas. 
I’m so-so-so sorry Garrett. 
It’ll be okay, Heather!

It can go on for over an hour, depending on the number of characters.  Garrett plays all the parts.
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