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Our Squad

Our Squad

Monday, November 17, 2014

World Smith-Magenis Syndrome Awareness Day

Today is the day we celebrate individuals born with Smith-Magenis Syndrome (SMS) and their incredible families.

These families make a coordinated effort to spread SMS awareness in their own corner of the world.

I am pleased to announce that my blog is featured on an international special needs support group, Firefly.  This group has started a site, called Firefly Garden, where families can meet in a virtual garden and ask questions, share knowledge of useful products or start campaigns to make social changes.

It is free to join, visit      http://community.fireflyfriends.com  for details.

It's so hard to get SMS awareness out there!  We are very rare (one in 15,000 births according to the PRISMS website) so I am thankful that Firefly Garden is highlighting kids like Garrett today.

So you click here:  http://community.fireflyfriends.com/blog/article/november-17-2014-world-smith-magenis-syndrome-day  

and say"Thank You" to Firefly Garden.  


I said SAY THANK YOU!!!!!

(that's SMS talk for "Please visit the site today". )

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