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Our Squad

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Do Fun Stuff

Today is a big news day in the SMS community! (Today, as in MONDAY AUGUST 30, 2010...pay no attention to the wrong date above.)

The first ever charity album for PRISMS is being released. And you do NOT have to drive across town and stand in line to get your copy! Apparently, you can buy songs across the internet now...who knew?

"Do Fun Stuff" is a collection of orginal children's songs and 100% of the proceeds will go to further research for Smith-Magenis Syndrome. We have already listened to one of the songs and the boys love it. It has the word "pee" in it...what's not to love?

All songs on "Do Fun Stuff" were donated by various artist friends of Ryan Marshall, the step-father of child who was diagnosed this past year. Ryan has put SO much work into this project! I am amazed by parents who manage to get beyond the grief of the diagnosis and move right into "how can we help other families" in a year's time.

We hope that it is such a huge hit that PRISMS can fund a graduate student to research SMS and support our SMS families.

Read below to see how you can purchase music across phone/cable lines (and whatever wi-fi is made of).

And Thank You, on behalf of our PRISMS family!

I am going to go attempt to download it now.

Just last week, I threw out my cassette tapes. I almost took a picture of the big pleather box (which opened on BOTH sides!) laying in our trash can. I'm sure Charlie believes I hid it somewhere because he's been saying I need to get rid of my "junk" for years now.

I will admit that I kept my Milli Vanilli tape because I know it is going to be worth money someday. I am the only one who did not take it to the radio station to be crushed by a steam roller....

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  1. Thank you for sharing your story on Ryans blog. I loved reading it, it is so eye opening.


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