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Our Squad

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

You Know You Are a SMS Parent...

…if you roll your eyes at a mother whining about her baby’s nighttime feedings.

…when you spend all day cleaning and your house is still a mess.

…if you plan your vacations (or holidays!) around the location of other SMS families.

…when you snort loudly at a father grumbling that a storm woke his child during the night.

…if your conversations contain more acronyms than a military SOP.

…when you kick yourself for not inventing Clorox bleach wipes.

…if you roll your eyes and snort loudly at a mother complaining about how long her teething baby cried.

…when you find yourself using sign language and you are not driving in rush hour traffic.

…if most of your friends are your child’s former teachers, aides, bus drivers and therapists.

…when you never leave home without a Plan B, or Plan C; and sometimes even a Plan D.

…if you roll your eyes, snort loudly and shake your head at a father moaning about his child’s bad dream waking up the household.

…when you have watched three generations of Barney kids grow up.

…if you know that white vinegar gets “the smell’’ out of clothes, carpeting and pretty much everything. And you really, really love white vinegar.

…when you have locks on your refrigerator and pantry doors, but you are not on a diet.

…if your retirement plans include three, not two.

…when you have completed more home repairs than Bob Vila.

…if you funded a Christmas with Huggie points, remember when Barney’s picture was not on Luvs and were the first to try Pampers cruisers because you have been buying diapers for more than a decade.

And, finally, you know you are a Smith-Magenis Syndrome parent when you roll your eyes, snort loudly, shake your head and start a tirade at parents who have the audacity to insinuate that they have any idea what it feels like to be tired!


  1. Keep them coming Tina1 So much I do that I forget is not "normal"!

  2. When the people you think of as good friends, are people you haven't met. (Yet)

    Nick H

  3. Love it! SO true.

    Amber C

  4. ..when you wipe peanut butter off of every knob in the kitchen.. every day!

  5. ...When you own duct tape in a rainbow of colors and you have 1001 uses for them...
    Dawn M - mother of the other Garrett...


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